We are thrilled to formally announce the new partnership between ALTR and Orlando-based Tailgate Game giant, Victory Tailgate!

What began as a simple meeting about licensing, turned into a truly amazing opportunity.  

Victory Tailgate began a few short years ago with a focus on Cornhole Sets being built out of a garage. Now it is the largest manufacturer and supplier of Licensed Tailgate Games in the United States ...and still growing.

What does this mean for ALTR? BIG THINGS! 

This strategic partnership opens new channels to market, access to licensing, a great team and continued opportunity. What used to take us a year in obtaining licensing approval, now takes minutes and days. 

The best part is that ALTR is working on the ground floor as Victory Tailgate continues to grow - offering new tailgate products and launching their fan apparel line, Made Loyal (which now includes Button Covers). It is like the Willy Wonka of fun products! 

It has been an exciting few months and can't wait to share more of our achievements as we continue to grow with this amazing company.