ALTR the Way You Stuff Stockings


Holiday songs are playing and the store aisles are filling up with holiday themed goods – Santa would be proud – and it’s still only mid November!

When looking for that perfect stocking stuffer, look no farther.ALTR’s Button Covers are the perfect fit and the gift that friends and family will be asking more about: ‘Button-what?’

These little covers go way beyond the button and are the perfect fit for that friend that has it all, here’s some of our favorite people to give covers to:

1. The Dad: Dad’s are one of the hardest people to shop for, it seems like they have every tool and gadget out there. What more do they need? Give your dad the gift that goes beyond one use, our UCF and UF button covers are perfect for Alumni Dad’s or the Dad that is proud to support your school.

2. The Mom: Don’t listen to her when she tries to tell you that “she doesn’t need anything” – trust us, she does. Our Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Button Covers are a great stocking stuffer to give to any mom. Even when it’s not October, Breast Cancer Awareness is an important part of any woman’s life. Show your mom some love and let her enjoy discovering new ways to incorporate our Button Covers into her outfits, including beyond the button.

3. The Sibling: Siblings – we love them, but when it comes to the holidays you might not want to spend an arm and a leg on them. Our Button Covers are perfect when it comes to giving your sibling a little something for the holidays. They’re fun and affordable with our holiday discounts coming just around the corner or our 30% off for liking our Facebook Page.

4. The Significant Other: Matching holiday sweaters with button covers – enough said.

5. The Best Friend: Whether you’re a gift giver or not, it’s important to show your friends some love. What better way to say “I love you pal” than with Button Covers! Our UF Button Covers are the perfect gift for any Gators Fan and UCF Covers make any Knight proud. Let’s not forget the ever so loved Secret Santa tradition, ALTR’s Button Covers are the perfect gift within that $10-20 price range for your holiday giveaways.