Channels to Market

Heyoo! Today is all about Channels to Market! 

WEBSITE: Hey you're here! With so many easy-to-use ecommerce platforms out there, its silly not to build your own. You'll have to learn how to use it anyways to add products and edit content! HOWEVER, DO YOUR RESEARCH. We did ours - however, it still didn't help us when we realized our Customization abilities (and lack there of of SquareSpace). 

ZAZZLE: Stay tuned. We'll be doing a whole blog on this announcing the launch. 

SOLDSIE: Just to reiterate the steps:

  • WHAT: Allows fans and followers to purchase directly in the comments of your Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest post. 
  • HOW: 
    1. Comment: "sold + options + email (if not registered)" EX: "love these! sold! large Gold"
    2. An invoice will be emailed in minutes
    3. Pay within 24 hours to complete purchase

ETSY: Standard maker ecommerce source. 

AMAZON: Not mentioned in the video, but a great option for vendors. BEWARE, they have EXTREME restrictions on images. The few collegiate products we do have listed look awful and is a pain to add any new products. (note* they are only this strict in certain categories)

BRICK & MORTAR: Boutiques, bookstores, collegiate apparel, etc.

3RD PARTY: Collaborations with national brands with same demographic as ALTR.