College Football Fridays at Work

For those of you with giant “X’s” on your calendar – marking down the days until kick off : you live for Fridays at work more than the average bear. For you, Friday is not only the gateway to the weekend. Friday is the day you get to show your undying love for your collegiate Alma Mater for all of your co-workers to see. Friday is no longer just a work day, but College Football Friday.

The days are dwindling, and your display of devotion is in need of an ALTR-ation! Stop wasting time washing that same shirt week after week; or spending money on expensive collegiate apparel because it is that perfect shade of orange.

This year, join the ALTR-NATION! By adding our large or small Button Covers to your existing clothes in your closet, you can customize your collegiate look each week for a fraction of the price. Plus you can get that warm fuzzy feeling inside that you’re not only supporting your school, but your entrepreneurs as well.

Here are some of the various ALTR-ations that can be made with each size “beyond the button” and more:

LARGE: Blazers, blouses, pants, sandals, hair, mug marker, lapel pin

SMALL: Polos, button downs, cuff links, blouses

Keep calm and button on this football season.