Collegiate Apparel

In the zygote days of ALTR, we were more than eager to share our “brilliant, button booming business” with anyone who would listen. Always intrigued (and not because we cornered them), our listeners would provide their feedback and concerns. As we spoke to more people, we noticed a trend among each of their remarks–”How many people do you really think wear blazers to a football game in Florida?”

Valid question.

Though we always knew blazers were not the end game for our buttons, we had failed to explain the other ways fans could use our covers–other than for faculty or alumni events. By using our super high tech fancy shmancy camera (aka smart phone) we were able to capture one of many ways a girl and a guy could apply our small covers for those hot mid-day tailgates. By taking a shirt you already own, you can avoid spending the $65 on an UCF or UF embroidered polo that you’ll realistically wear maybe twice per year…However, for those of you we were unable to save before the launch of our buttons – our small UCF or UF covers will fit those over-priced polos as well (we’ve got your back…er button!)