Collegiate Golf Apparel: UCF Button Cover's

Golfing seems to be the universal business gathering for aspiring partnerships, collaborations and opportunities.

Many universities recognize the value of building a relationship that can only come from the competitive nature present on the golf course – and have begun holding golf tournaments to support the school, a particular cause or a specific college.

The University of Central Florida takes part in this ritual by hosting several golf tournaments throughout the spring. The college of engineering just held their tournament last week, and the college of business will be holding theirs in May. 


What better way to build relationships with your peers than by sporting some collegiate golf apparel with your UCF Button Covers! Just add the small covers to any of your standard polos and you are good to go with a custom UCF golf shirt. Our large UCF Button Covers also work great for marking your golf ball. Just clip it on to your hat, visor or sunglasses – and when you’re ready, pull it off and place it where your ball landed. BOOM. Easy as that!

…and lets not forget about the post-game festivities.