COMING SOON: Zazzle + ALTR Custom Button Covers + New Website!

It's official! [insert drum roll here]

After months of communication, approval, testing and more, ALTR has been approved to be an official Maker for Zazzle! likes to refer to themselves as "the Amazon for customized goods" - which will now include Custom Button Covers...created by yours truly! 

What this means is that, come the end of August, customers will be able to go onto Zazzle's site and customize their very own button covers themselves. Upon checkout, ALTR will then receive your custom order, make it in our Orlando office and then ship it out...all courtesy of Zazzle! They will receive a percentage - but it is worth it for all of the marketing they do AND they will allow us to keep our branding and operate business as usual. 

With that said, this brings some more great news! We're getting a new, custom, bonafied, bells and whistles website! Zazzle requires us to integrate their API ("witchcraft website code" for all of us laymen) into our website so that all orders will flow smoothly. However, due to this requirement, ALTR had no other choice but to build a new website. The Benefits: we will also provide a CUSTOM platform that will allow you to customize your own button covers and phone cases! [insert happy dance here]. 

We are VERY excited for all of the developments occurring in the ALTRNATION. 

If you have any suggestions and/or requests for our new website, please do not hesitate to EMAIL US. We want your experience to be as efficient and wonderful as possible.