Designer Series: Sarah Rupp | Fine Art Phone Cases

Over the past few weeks, ALTR has been working on a secret project...ish - and today we are thrilled to announce [insert drum roll here] the launch of our very first CoLab with renowned (and fellow Central Floridian) artist, Sarah Rupp. 

Sarah is a young and talented artist from Tampa, who received her BFA in Studio Art from USF. Since graduating, she has taken the art world by storm! She specializes in large scale oil on canvas paintings that sell for thousands. As many of us don't have that much spare change lying around, we began working with Sarah to give her fans another platform to support her artwork: Cell Phone Cases.  

ALTR and Sarah Rupp | Fine Art are collaborating by launching our very first Designer Series Cell Phone Covers! Now you can support your local artists and businesses at the same time - Two birds, one case. BOOM. 

Sarah Rupp | Fine Art

You can follow Sarah's work via the following links: