Featured Buttonaire: Bridgette


This week’s Featured Buttonaire goes to the one, the only, the amazing – Bridget!

Bridget has been a HUGE proponent of our button business from the very beginning. As the lead for UCF’s School of Business Alumni Association, she was in attendance at both the Joust semi-final and final competitions in which ALTR competed. Since then, she has helped us gain momentum within the university and she was our very first order – nabbing some UCF button covers for the staff. She really is a saint!

Even with all of Bridget’s angelic features aside, she knows how to weeerk a button cover. ALTR surprised her with a visit – and we were thrilled to see her sporting her new school swag. We snapped some impromptu photos as she conducted business as usual – Lookin’ good Bridget…lookin’ good.