Game Day - UCF & UF Collegiate Apparel


It’s game day and you have two options:

1. Put on that faded old collegiate tee your parents bought freshman year or

2. Throw on your favorite outfit and ALTR it.

Your game day wardrobe is no longer your pricey School Bookstore tee-shirt. You know, that one you wear even though it has an old ketchup stain? Don’t  settle for drab and pricey, when with the quick addition of our UCF or UF Button Covers, your entire wardrobe is just waiting to become collegiate wear.

It’s an easy choice. We can play the price game, but I’m more in favor of the fashion contest. What would you rather be seen in on game day? Your most flattering pair of shorts rocking our large Button Covers, those cute sandals you just bought with our Button Covers on the front, or how about that button down top with our small Button Covers down the middle? OR the same three shirts you’ve worn to every game the past two years.

Show your school spirit and be fashionable with ALTR.