Kickstarter + ALTR Button Covers - How YOU Can Support Local Businesses

Today marked a HUGE milestone in our Kickstarter Campaign. We reached our half way mark with 20 days still to go!! [INSERT HIGH FIVE HERE] << you know you want to. 

As we get closer to our goal, I wanted to shed some light on exactly WHAT you're supporting and helping us accomplish. 

  • GOAL: $3,300 
  • RULES: ALTR will receive the money pledged ONLY if we reach our goal. Otherwise all backers will keep their money pledged.
  • YOUR BENEFIT: Deep discount on Custom Button Covers. If we reach our goal, we will provide you with a code to use on our new site (coming at the end of August) to design your own Custom Covers - OR - any of our other products. 
  • OUR BENEFIT: You help us order in bulk, thus reducing our cost of goods - which is necessary as we get ready to launch our partnership with as their official Button Cover maker!
  • BONUS: ALTR uses all USA (primarily Orlando) providers for our Button Blanks, packaging, website, engineering, marketing and skilled labor. Your support on Kickstarter is helping us grow the ALTRNATION and ecosystem in which we work. 

EVERY $1 COUNTS, so please share with your friends and family. 

On behalf of ALTR, thank you to those who have supported us thus far!