Ledbury Launch + ALTR Button Covers

Its time we came clean. 

Last week, a friend among the Orlando start up community sent us a link to a company called Ledbury. Ledbury is a men's apparel company based out of Richmond, Virginia who  attribute their success to the support of their friends and family. As a way to say "thank you" and pay it forward of sorts, they are giving $25,000 in seed money to a start up within their industry. 

We immediately scrambled to get the required pitch video completed and questionnaire answered. Everything was submitted over the Memorial Day weekend and Ledbury will announce their finalists (three total) sometime this week. 

To help help get their attention, we want to ask our Buttonaires, to tweet @Ledbury in support of @MadetoALTR. We don't usually broadcast these sort of things before we know the outcome, but wanted to include our wonderful customers (especially if it improves our chances) - your support means everything to us.

Keep calm and button on...and keep your fingers crossed for us! 


BIG THANK YOU to Eddie and his team (we're looking at you Jonathan) at Filmscape Productions for their amazing work, quick response time and professionalism. [insert high five here].