Licensing: What to Know as a Start Up Looking To Obtain Collegiate Licensing

OK. This topic is real point of contention for me. 

When we first started our Button Cover biz in 2012, we had lofty dreams of Collegiate Button Covers in everyone's campus bookstore... BUTTON COVERS, as far as the eye could see!

Boy, were we ever wrong! 

Learn about what it took to obtain our licenses and the continued hurdles we faced after. You'll be astounded. We only wish we could see your face as we explain everything...

We can't end this post with out a BIG THANK YOU TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA! Your assistance in obtaining our first licenses was invaluable. Also, shout out to UF's Licensing Department for recognizing the value of start ups looking to get licensed... I'm looking at you FSU (I still love my school, though).