Manufacturing: The Journey of Developing a Product (...Button Covers to be exact)

Confession: I had ZERO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING WHEN I FIRST STARTED. Ok, that's not much of a confession as it is an obvious sentiment...give me some credit.

When I first started the process of creating our button covers and then manufacture them, I got REALLY good at the "nod and smile." My engineer would explain the next steps and I would do the following:

  1. Nod in agreement, while spitting out some packaged answers that injected the words he had just said -- Such as "mmhmm, definitely injection molding over CNC routing and PAD printing," "OK, yeah, and the mold will take how long?" "Yes, ABS is clearly the better option"
  2. Get into my car and write down all of the bizarre words I just pretended to know.
  3. Google.For.Hours. 

The process of developing a new product is a long and confusing one. This video goes over how our Button Covers went from an idea to an actual custom product made in Orlando!