NOW AVAILABLE: Mini Bow Tie Button Covers

Emma Stone Button Bow Tie

One day, while perusing the fashion blogs for inspiration, we came across a blog with this fantastic photo of our girl Emma Stone...and her buttons [gasp]. 

Not only is she clearly a button connoisseur, but also knows how to class up the joint. However, when the blog shared options for us to "get the look" they were insane. Literally, an insane person would be the only one to purchase the $180 Nieman Marcus single mini bow tie with a metal rod to go through the button hole. [check out the article here]

We love the mini bow tie trend, but we had to do something about the options out there. 

ALTR is excited to announce that we now offer sets of two Mini Bow Tie Button Covers for ONLY $4.95. They offer the same versatility, affordability AND are made in Orlando. Take that Niemans (just kidding, we do love you, we just can't afford you)....So until we decide $180 is a solid price point for a mini bow tie (which is never), we'll be ALTRing our apparel with our Mini Bow Tie Button Covers.