UCF Graduation

CONGRATULATIONS KNIGHTS – you are officially done!

On behalf of ALTR, we want to dedicate this post to all of those graduating this semester. Whether you’re graduating early, finishing grad school or rounding out an excellent 4.5 year run – you did it!

Those of you who are actually attending UCF Graduation this year – you’ll notice some pretty decked out caps among your fellow constituents. However, for some of us, we’re just happy to be there at the ripe hour of 7:45 am [to stand in line for an hour] – and the last thing on our mind is customizing our cap.

We’re here to offer a simple solution: just slide our large over the button in the center of your cap, and VIOLA! You can now strut your stuff across that stage, rocking your school swag – proud to officially be dubbed an alumni!…rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn’t it?

…and don’t forget about the graduation party with some customized cupcakes!