UCF Store and UF Store Comparison

At ALTR, we’re visual people. So we thought we would provide a visual comparison for both UF store products, UCF store products and our Button Covers.

Exhibit A: We have a plain button down shirt adorned with a dinky gator head (its ok if you need to put on your glasses to see it – we’ll wait……..). Beside the dinky gator shirt, we have a dashing young man sporting his favorite button down (that he already had in his closet) with our UF Button Covers. Now, here’s the kicker:

UF Store: $74.95

UF Button Covers: $12.00 (with free shipping)

Exhibit B: A nice white polo with a lovely embroidered UCF. To the right, behold, a polo that came from the same gentleman’s closet with our UCF Button Covers.

UCF Store: $54.95

UCF Button Covers: $12.00 (with free shipping)

The Best Part: You can take the same set of button covers and have yourself a button down, or a polo, or cuff links all for…wait for it… $12.00!

Even Better: Did you go to UF and then UCF for grad school (or the other way around)? Get a set of each and just switch them out as you hop from one tailgate to the other. Our Large Button Covers are also very versatile – perfect for pants’ buttons, sandals, koozies and more!

Keep calm and button on this tailgate season.