Wanted: Graphic Artist Intern

Button Covers Internship

Do you have an affinity for buttons? Do you dream of buttons? Does your dream job involve working with buttons?...No? That's OK! 

ALTR has experienced exponential growth in its ability to create and develop new products. To help us handle the launch of our new products, we are looking for a Creative Director of sorts. If you meet the criteria below, please email us your resume and portfolio (or artistic samples) to ContactUs@MadetoALTR.com 

NOTE: This is an unpaid internship, but filled with incredible experience to be had! Plus we like to feed our hard workers Chipotle when possible (or other sustenance of choice).

JOB DESCRIPTION: The position calls for a creatively motivated individual who thinks outside of the box. An interest in brand development and graphic innovation is a must. You will be required to assist in maintaining product launches, graphic content and the website. No coffee runs will be asked of you, only a positive attitude and an efficient work ethic. If you have great ideas but don't act on them - then this is not the position for you. We need someone who will be self-motivated and get things done. Above all, you must be willing to learn new things - we're not fans of narrow minds. 


  • Affinity for Buttons (just kidding...ish). 
  • Must be proficient in Adobe Illustrator. 
  • Decent quality camera is suggested.
  • Interest in marketing and brand development.
  • A decent sense of humor is preferred, but not required (however, you may think we're a bit weird otherwise). 
  • Some web experience preferred but not mandatory. 


  • Must be in undergraduate or graduate school potentially seeking class credit. 
  • We request at least one-two office days/week. 
  • Computer with Adobe Illustrator installed is required.

If you are interested in working within a fun and unique company AND meet the above qualifications/details then let us know! 

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