Q:  Button Whaaaaa?

By sliding our patented cover over your garment's existing button, you can ALTR your apparel into custom gear. 

Q: What if I don''t wear clothes with buttons all that often? 

We get this comment/question a lot. Fortunately, for you, we live in Florida, so wearing anything other than a tank top and shorts for 9 months out of the year has inspired some ALTR-nate ways to use our Button Covers. As you can see in the images below, you can go beyond the button and use our button covers as a custom lapel pin, beer/wine glass marker or slide them on to your bag, shoes, in your hair, etc. 

Q: What size should I order? 

SMALL: fits most button downs, polos, blouses, cardigans and cuff buttons - giving a custom cuff link look to a standard button down. | 6 Button Covers / Box

LARGE: fits most blazers, larger blouse and cardigan buttons and pant buttons. Also works best for "beyond the button" uses (lapel pin, glass marker, etc). | 4 Button Covers | Box

Q: How do I order Custom Button Covers? 

There are now TWO ways to order your Custom Button Covers!

  1.  Go to Custom to place your order (Directions are available on this page as well)
  2. You will choose between Large and/or Small Button Covers
  3. Choose quantity 
  4. Add to Cart and check out
  5. From there you will email your artwork custom@madetoaltr.com. If you are unsure of format, send it and we can help you out. Due to the small size, the resolution is something we can generally work around. 

HAPPY DESIGNING! Have questions? Contact Us - We're here to help!

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for Custom Button Covers?

There is NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY! All of our Button Covers are made-to-order. 

Q: My logo is pretty detailed, will it show up? 

We once printed the Mona Lisa on our Small Button Covers. We can achieve tremendous detail. However, keep in mind the size. 

Q: What kind of image file do you need? 

Ideally, .EPS file works best, allowing us to modify the image if necessary. However, most people just copy and paste an image from their computer/internet to an email for us. If the image appears blurry on your monitor, it probably will be blurry on the Button Cover. 

Q: How far in advance do I need to place my order if I have an event? 

All of orders are made in-house in our Orlando facility allowing for a very quick turn around time. We can have your order made and sent out that VERY SAME DAY. Generally, we recommend 24 business hours to get the order completed and then 2-3 business days to ship. 

*If you are interested in a large quantity 100+  order, please allow for a few extra days. If you are interested in a bulk order +1000, please contact us directly at sales@victorytailgate.com