Dear Awesome Humans, 

Alex here! When first graduating in 2009 from The Florida State University, it was a culture shock. Jobs were scarce - and the jobs that WERE available I knew would slowly suck my soul dry. I offered to work for FREE at any company (in any city and/or country) that had offered the learning platform I was looking for to start my career. Unfortunately, times were tough and companies were short-staffed with no one with the time to train new people [insert tiny violin here]. 

Today, Corporate America is not what it used to be. Small companies and start-ups are the new norm. However, it takes a special kind of person and skill set to thrive in these companies. 

Recognizing the void for students to gain access to the multiple facets of  the evolving work world, ALTR is providing an opportunity to interested students looking to obtain the truest form of real world experience: working in a start up. 

We are always looking for new talent - primarily in Digital Marketing, Sales and Graphic Designing. However, if you think you have another skill set that would be of value to ALTR, let us know!


  • Minimum 300 total hours -
  • Minimum 2 days/week 
  • Minimum 4 hours/day
  • School credit available 
  • Located in Orlando 

NOTE: Our internships are currently unpaid. However, we have always provided compensation via lunch, events and/or bonus....and free button covers, of course. 


  • Social Media Savvy
  • Creative Writing Skills
  • Strategic Marketing Development
  • Organizational Skills 
  • Availability to attend occassional Orlando Start-Up events


  • Previous sales experience required (this can be in the form of your University's sales program or other external sales)
  • Outgoing personality with an interest in fashion
  • Interest in attending your or current involvement with your local Networking Events, Blogger Meet Ups, etc. 
  • NOTE: Does not have to be located in Orlando (must be available for weekly Skype meetings)


  • Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator
  • Photography Skills
  • Creative Design Skills 
  • Motion Graphics: video, stop-motion, etc. 
  • Creative Strategy Skills 
  • Must have access to own equipment

OTHER: What alternative skills do you have to offer? Whether its videography and photography or computer engineering and business development, we want to know what muscles you're looking to flex - we may have a spot for you! You never know unless you ask.

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